Perfect Blush

Perfect Blush


Perfect blush is a glamorous combination of roses in blush, white, burgundy and mauve with beautiful rose gold accents. The Groom's boutonierre is a single white rosebud with rose gold accents and mauve buds. The Bridal Bouquet and boutonierre are only available at this time. Please make a special request for additional items.

  • Rental Agreement

    The customer hereby agrees that he/she shall fully indemnify The Sweetest Pea Floral Designs for any and all damage to or loss of the rented property. Insurance is built into the cost of each item in order to cover reasonable damages, including broken flowers, damaged pedals, stains or other determined natural wear of the product. Insurance will not cover items damaged beyond repair or items NOT returned. The buyer shall be responsible for the full value of items damaged beyond repair and/or unreturned items, estimated at 150% of the rental cost.

  • Important Information

    In order to ensure availability for your special day, before placing an order, please contact The Sweetest Pea via email at and provide the item(s) and your ceremony date.